Hair Stylist Kathy Grant of Nanaimo | Skills needed for a successful hair stylist career.
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Skills needed for a successful hair stylist career.

I am always extremely grateful and consider myself blessed for the career I have in the world of hairdressing. I want to give something back, so would like to find a couple of up and coming hair stylist to mentor.

To help identify those potential people I would like to discuss what I believe is needed to be a successful hairdresser. I am not expecting the people I work with to have all or these skills but they need to be open minded to be able to gain and constantly enhance the following.

As with any profession, hairdressing has skills and characteristic traits that are absolutely necessary to have in order to ensure success.

You are going to be around people for most of your waking day, you cannot fake not liking people, you must like meeting new people and enjoy helping others. You must be a good communicator (good verbal, writing, and listening skills are needed). It is imperative that you can make a person feel comfortable and relaxed. People tell their hairdresser all sorts of secrets and confide in them, what is discussed in the chair stays in the chair, you cannot judge and deploy tack.

The hair industry is forever evolving as technology and people push the boundaries, you should never stop learning. The top hair stylists educate themselves as well as passing on their knowledge.

Your appearance will project your first impression on to all that you meet, along with your personal standards of hygiene. To become successful, you will have to master the ability to multitask and have great manual dexterity, and hand and eye coordination.

Being patient with your clients, colleges and suppliers will help you stand out from the crowd, no matter how rude or obnoxious people are towards you, you have to remain calm and collected.

As you develop, problems will come your way, learning how to manage these effectively is crucial to your success. You will not go through your career and not encounter hair product problems, equipment problems, and team problems.

The line between arrogance and confidence is a fine line and subjective. Have belief in your abilities.

Your fitness levels are also important as your last cut needs to be as good as your first cut. Working on your stamina and local muscular strength will help ensure your work does not deteriorate as your day progresses.

You could make more than an acceptable career, copying other leaders in the hair industry, however if you really want to make a name, you will need to create new design new styles, create new techniques.

Time management is a skill that comes with experience, managing your work schedule, the ability to cut and colour more than one client at any one time, will give you the financial success.

It may come across as a stress-free career, however there are many aspects to hairdressing that can generate high-levels of stress (yours, your employees’, and your clientele’s).

Most hair and beauty products contain some type of scent and strong chemicals, if you have sensitive skin or severe allergies probably should avoid being a hairdresser.

As with most personal service businesses, you will have to acquire your own clientele, which will involve marketing or promoting your services and yourself in various manners, depending on the type of employment you obtain. Many successful stylists understand the principles of marketing. If you are self-employed or a freelancer, a salon manager, or own your own salon, you will need to know how to properly manage a business, which means knowing how to keep and protect accurate records, how to order supplies and performing customer service duties. You will also be answering phones, scheduling appointments, marketing/promoting your business, and doing accounting/bookkeeping tasks. You will need to know how to select and dismiss employees and how to manage finances if self-employed or managing a salon.

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