Hair Stylist Kathy Grant of Nanaimo | Helping Schools in Nanaimo raise funds
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Helping Schools in Nanaimo raise funds

One of the reasons why I decided to build the Kool & Gorgeous brand and the salon was to allow me to give back to the community of Nanaimo that has supported me for over three decades.

Our latest recruit to the team here at KG Hair Salon in Nanaimo is Ashley Shinnan, Ashley has a five year old daughter, which gave me the inspiration for the following fund raising idea for a couple of local schools in Nanaimo.

I like to keep things nice and simple as I believe then they have the best opportunity of working to the maximum. I am a huge fan of education and would like to help in my own way.


Here is my fund raising idea:

As the owner of KG Hair Salon I will donate 100% of the profit from two days of Ashley services to a local school or charity. If we can make her fully busy for the two days then I cannot see why we cannot raise over $500 per school.

I have included some of Ashley’s services and prices so you can get an understanding of what she can offer in terms of service and fund raising opportunities.

PARTIAL HIGHLIGHTS, Including Toner & Finish starts at $100,

FULL HIGHTLIGHTS Includes Toner & Finish from $150,

TONER & GLOSS Includes toner and finish from as little as $50,

BALAYAGE Full, Includes Toner & Finish from $180,

Ladies HAIR CUT from $30.

You can have the hair you desire and raise money for the education of the next generation.

Alternatively if you are reading this and you know of someone who would benefit from this fundraising idea please share this blog.

Obviously, I cannot do this for every school in Nanaimo so if this is of interest to please get in touch asap.

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